Why Should I Buy a Wedding Album?

My dad looking like a street urchin while sitting on a pony. I totally got my ears from him.

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I love looking at old family photos.  Most families have houses full of the black and white photos of Grandma on her wedding day,  Dad and his sisters looking like street urchins while playing on the street they grew up on, Grandfather playing in a cross-dressing softball game for charity.

Maybe that last example is limited to just my family, but my point is that we are so incredibly lucky to have those pictures.  While the good old days weren’t always good the prints and albums available to consumers in those times were far and away better than what is available now.  We might have the fancy modern slickness of “photo lab” websites like Kodak Easy Share and Snap Fish but if you order your wedding album from these companies your granddaughter will never be able to see how beautiful and in love you were on your wedding day.  None of the personal family pictures I have posted up top would have survived in their present state if they had been printed in a modern consumer photo lab.  In pursuit of the almighty dollar consumer albums and prints are made from cheap, chemical-laden materials, which will start to degrade immediately.  In 5 years the colors will have noticeably faded, the edges will yellow and your face will start to look spotty.  In ten years you’ll take the print you were once so happy with off the wall and stick it in a closet.  You will be married for the rest of your life; don’t you want an album that you can proudly show to your grandkids instead of something that will look shabby in a few years?

This is why you hire a professional photographer who has access to high quality, archival prints and albums.  What does archival mean?  It means every bit of your album from the pages, the prints, the glue used to bind the prints to the pages, the UV coating on top of the images, the fabric and thread used to bind the book, the base of the cover and the leather or fabric covering are going to look the same 50 years in the future as they do now.  Yes, you can print an album through snapfish.com for under $200 or you can go with my Not-So-Basic package and get a museum quality, archival 20 sided album which will preserve the memories of your wedding beyond your lifetime.

Having high resolution files is also so important to many people which is why when you buy an album from me I package it with the high resolution disk with the license to use them for your personal needs.

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